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Tori Amos Last Icon Maker Standing Challenge
Round 08 - Challenge 03 - Results 
11th-Feb-2009 08:43 pm
breakfast at tiffany's - holly
sorry this took so long for me to post - i got distracted by school.

neurotoxicdoll hadathought raisingrrrl

You can find your icon number here.

2 - Too washed out, and the dark line running across is distracting
2 - the brush overlay is distracting and significantly lowers the quality of the image.
2 - icon is too blurry. the bar across is distracting.
2 - Looks a bit too faded and blurry.
2 - I wouldn't say this icon is washed out, but it is lacking something. It is too bright for my taste and I am not fond of the cropping.

3 - dull bluish background coloration // over whitness of face
3 - The coloring makes the background look nice, but her face is way too bright
3 - the image is very bright and a tad over sharpened.
3 - it looks like an overexposed photograph.... I like the intention of the iconmaker here, but it makes Tori appear over washed out.
3 - The image is much too sharp and you can hardly see her facial features, due to too much light in the icon.

4 - the blurred/rounded edges bring down the quality of the icon.
4 - Would have worked better without the border.

5 - text just doesn't seem to fit the theme or the icon
5 - the grey overlay makes Tori look washed out.

1 - Simple and elegant. Sometimes simplicity can be the most beautiful. I also like the coloring.

2 - nice texture!

4 - very simply done cut with a good border - simple = beautiful
4 - i love the border work, and the subtle coloring adjustments give the image an "almost-vintage" look.

5 - nice cropping, and the text works well
5 - gorgeous coloring and text use
5 - very pretty coloring and cropping

i believe raisingrrrl is posting the next challenge.
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