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Tori Amos Last Icon Maker Standing Challenge
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lims_tori is a Last Icon Maker Standing community created for Tori Amos
This community was created by raisingrrrl and co-modded by ladybug1219. If you need to contact either of us please feel free to send us an email -

raisingrrrl - Cara
ladybug1219 - Kayleigh
shim_shim - Laura

As the mods we feel it is our job to keep the community as interesting and unpredictable as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know here.

What is a LIMS?
LIMS stans for Last Icon Maker Standing, each week you will be given a challenge, the members will vote for their least favorite icon until there are 3 left. At this point the members will vote for their favorite icon and we will then have our round winner.
Challenge 1 will be open to everyone, at this point you will sign up before you enter and this will ensure your spot in the round until you are either eliminated or the last icon maker standing.
If you do not sign up for the current round you will have to wait for the next round to enter.

How Each Round and Challenge Works

01. To begin each round we start with a sign-up post.
~ You must to sign-up if you wish to participate.
~ Sign-Ups will be open until Challenge 01 voting is posted.

02. When each challenge is posted there will be a list of remaining contestants, if your name is not on that list that means you are not eligible to enter in that challenge.

03. If you are unable to enter in a challenge you have the option to use a skip if one is available to you.
~ Each contestant receives one skip upon signing up. At the beginning of the round you will always have the option of promoting for an extra skip.
~ Skips are void for the last 2 challenges.
~ If you are fail to enter in a challenge we will automatically use your skip, if you have used your skip you will be eliminated from the competition.

04. You will have approximately 5 days, including a weekend, to submit your icons for the current challenge.
~ Each week you will be voting for your least favorite icons, the number of icons eliminated will be stated in each week's voting post.

05. At some point in the LIMS competition, we will offer a redemption challenge. This will allow the eliminated iconmakers one chance to come back into the competition. This challenge will not be open to iconmakers currently in the competition, only iconmakers who have been eliminated.

06. Expect the challenges to be varied and experimental. If you have any ideas, let us know! We are always trying to make this community better!

07. Random Challenges can occur at anytime and anyone can join in, not only the people who are involved in the lims competition. A random challenge is a challenge that is not included in the lims competition.

08. Mini-Rounds may on occasion take place in between our regular LIMS rounds, rules and format are typically a bit different but we are good about keeping everyone informed.

09. All other rules and regulations will be listed in each challenge posted, be sure to pay attention to anything either one of the mods post or make mention about. If we mention it, chances are it is important.

10. Lastly, in order to keep this community as random and interesting as possible each round may vary from the previous rounds, in which case please pay special attention to all rules and if you are confused do not hesitate to ask!

1st Place : happeh_hobbit
2nd Place : delfinash
3rd Place : raisingrrrl

1st Place : hadathought
2nd Place : ladybug1219
3rd Place : wilde_moon

1st Place : hadathought
2nd Place : amberguini
3rd Place : dana_pants

1st Place : bringonbluesky
2nd Place : ladybug1219
3rd Place : dana_pants

1st Place : shim_shim
2nd Place : sancta_terra

1st Place : raisingrrrl
2nd Place : dana_pants

Favorite Icon : wilde_moon, xsleepingswanx, hadathought, amberguini
Best Colouring : hadathought, happeh_hobbit, x_sensorium
Best Crop : hadathought, ladybug1219, xsleepingswanx

1st Place : nervous_girl
2nd Place : amberguini
3rd Place : kreengles

*Image ~ Round 07*

1st Place : shim_shim
2nd Place : m_m_m_mother
3rd Place : swisp

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